Setting Up a Board Area Blog

Board Place Blog

One of the best ways to keep your command line group subscribers up-to-date upon company news is to set up a board room weblog. This is a powerful way to keep your individuals informed of important business issues and can be a fine recruiting device for new paid out participants. It could be also a good way for web entrepreneurs to post their thoughts and comments. Utilizing a boardroom blog template is usually an easy and inexpensive way for starters, but you will want to design your site with all your company logo and photos in mind so it appears great.

Lessons From the Charitable Boardroom | ECFA

Even as we look ahead to the bottom of this 45 Wednesdays, I encourage one to click on a couple lessons–and then share these your plank today! Visit ECFA’s Governance of Christ-Centered Organizations blog, written by John Pearson, and inspire your board for being lifelong learners. Order extra copies in the blog for your board participants at the Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom website, or subscribe to our absolutely free email newsletter simply by clicking on the web link in the lower part correct corner.

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